Field Notes #4 – The Ancients

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It’s already February, January is behind us for better or for worse.
Myself, I usually tend to like February here in western Colorado.
Most years it is usually a fairly mild month, even though the mountains
usually get a lot of snow it seems the valley I live in here is pretty enjoyable.
We will see what this year brings. So far it’s been very much winterish.

A constant barrage of attention getting headlines are constantly filling our
days. Virus fears, big game wins, scandals, political positioning…it goes on and
on with no end in site.
It seems impossible to get away from the never ending stream that fills
our minds. I thought back to, I guess maybe some would say,
a simpler time. A time when the news was verbal or written on rocks, a time
when what was happening anywhere but where you was didn’t matter to you.

I enjoy traveling the high desert canyons of Western Colorado and
Eastern Utah.
Always, I love when I can come across rock panels of Native American
pictographs or petroglyphs. This ancient form of story telling is intriguing
to me, it always leaves me in wonder.
From painted hand prints on an under hang where the weather will never
fade them to hunting scenes chipped out on a large rock panel facing the
west, the variety never ceases to amaze me.
Some are easy to interpret, while others leave one with wonder at what
the creator was trying to tell.
No matter the terrain, or the story, I am reminded that this land is ancient.
There were those who walked, explored and lived in this ancient land
long before any of us were even thought of. An ancient people who saw
stormy days and sunny days. A people who saw happiness and sorrow.
An ancient people who saw much change over time, even though to ask
them at the moment they may not have realized it. An ancient people
who is lost to us now and barely remembered, except for those tokens they
left for us to remember them by.

These images are from a trip I took a few years ago with the family into
Eastern Utah. I am hoping to get out again this year and capture more
of these amazing pictographs and petroglyphs that are hidden in the
forgotten canyons of this ancient land.

As I write the Field Notes today it is snowing outside. Not a big deal other
than I should be replacing a shed roof today, one I was hoping to get
replaced before we got more moisture. Oh well, it gave me opportunity to
get this project that was more fun finished.
What projects do you have in mind to accomplish?

Thank you all for reading Ryan’s Field Notes. 
I appreciate all of the support and feedback.
I am working on trying to figure out the best day
to consistently publish the Field Notes so for the next
few weeks my publishing schedule may not be consistent.
Once I find a time frame the I feel I can hit every week then
I will settle into that routine and you will then know when
to expect to see it every week. 
If you have a friend (or enemy) that you think would enjoy
this project, forward them this email or send them a link
to sign up for the Field Notes.

Thanks again, see you next week.
Ryan McGehee

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