Ryan’s Field Notes #5 – To The Moon

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Isn’t technology amazing…until it isn’t.
I was taking for granted the ability to sit down at my computer and write
a newsletter to send out to the world. I sat down to start on the newsletter,
got the basic parameters set up and …nothing.
I kept getting an error on the side of the mail service I was using and couldn’t
work on it. It is now back up and running and I was sitting here in
contemplation on honestly how amazing it is that I even have the option
to write down thoughts and ideas, show pictures or videos to any number
of people and have it delivered directly to them.
It’s really an amazing world that we live in.

Of course this weeks Field Notes are not about technology but the amazing views that are delivered to us if we are willing to look. I hope you enjoy this weeks edition.

Stepping out into the dark of night, I see there is some light. 
Looking into the skies that night, I gain comfort gazing into the lesser light
hung high above to rule the night. 

The enchantment of the moon has captured imaginations for as long
as humans have existed.  Every time I see the moon I have to take a moment
and gaze at it.  Always a wonder, it never ceases to capture my thoughts if
only for a moment. 

For generations a desire to achieve it, to go to the moon, has been a goal. 
A small number lay claim to having been there, but all have had the privilege
of looking upon it.  One hears of amazing places that exist all over the world,
but in order to see them one must travel to them
(of course there are always pictures of those who have went there). 
The moon though, one doesn’t have to travel to it,  it comes to us. 
Every few days it makes it’s rounds and shows all who care to
look at it it’s face.

This last week we had one of the four super moons that are supposed
to appear this year crossing the skies above.
I had considered going somewhere and planning a shoot to
capture the occasion. Life though got in the way and I spent that Saturday
working in our yard, accomplishing some much needed work.
What a beautiful day it was, much was accomplished and at the end of the day
I was ready to kick up my feet and take a rest.
Sitting in my easy chair and enjoying the beauty of the day
(it truly was a gorgeous day) I gazed out my front window.
I am truly blessed in that from my living room I have a wonderful view
across an open field to the West Elk Mountains that are located near
Paonia, CO. As I enjoyed the view I called my boy over to me and showed
him how the light of the evening was showcasing the mountains so well.
We were talking about how we were so blessed to have such a view and how
we shouldn’t take it for granted when he pointed out the moon was rising.
I had forgotten my earlier thoughts of trying to get some images of the
super moon that day, I jumped up and hustled unto my office and grabbed
my camera and tripod.
I quickly switched lenses and headed out to the field across from my house
to try to capture the sight before the moon rose too high into the sky.

Quickly I took a few images, the moon was rising quickly into the evening sky.
The light of the day began to fade quickly.
Happy with getting a couple of good images I reflected on such a beautiful day
and considered how that I didn’t have to go anywhere to capture the
moon…it came to me.
No matter where you live in the world you have the opportunity to view
this marvel of the ages, isn’t that amazing.

Lunar eclipse from 2015
Moon rising above a lake on the the Grand Mesa

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