Ryan’s Field Notes #10 – Beauty in the Midst of the Storm

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Ryan’s Field Notes #10 – Beauty in the Midst of the Storm
Contemplation…reflection, I have spent a lot of time here lately in those actions as I am sure most of you have also. 

In my short vapor of time on this earth I have never experienced anything like what I am seeing. 

This weeks edition though isn’t going to be about that, no.  I am not qualified to speak on it, I am just an observer of this world.

Today I considered a session that I had almost one year ago to the day. 
Leaving the house early I headed up to the lake a few miles from my house. 
It was going to be a cloudy day.

Leaving the vehicle with my camera and tripod in hand, I eased towards the lake shore, it began to snow.

I wasn’t expecting that on this spring morning, I knew it was going to be cloudy but it is western Colorado.  Everyday can be a surprise.

Never one to let a storm keep me from capturing some images I began to look for the beauty in the grey and snowy day.

The water fowl of the area didn’t disappoint. 

Though not overly active they continued to go on with their daily duties.
The conditions of the morning were ever changing. 

Never knowing for sure what to expect I had to be fluid in my decisions.

A light fog rolled into a cove of the lake and partially obscured the blue heron and ducks that were sheltering there.

The serenity that came from that scene, the peacefulness, as the snow still lightly drifted from the sky was as if one had stepped out of their life and was suspended in time.
My hope is that each of you in whatever storms of life you face are able to find some beauty with in them.

That we can reflect and appreciate the small things that are really the big things. 

If this is your first visit to Ryan’s Field Notes you can find past editions if you click on the link at the top of the email that says “open in browser” and then click on past issues. 

Thank you all for your support, I really do appreciate it.
Take care my friends. 

May you, your friends and family be well. 

Prayers for all – Ryan

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