Ryan’s Field Notes # 11 – It’s in the Details

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Ryan’s Field Notes # 11 – It’s in the Details
Growing up in rural Colorado I have been blessed to be able to observe the never ending wonders that this country has to offer. 

The beauty of the mountain peaks,  to the wonder of the delicate flower petals, the vibrancy of the sunsets and the promise of a new day as the sunrises.

It was a beautiful evening with the promise of a vibrant sunset.

We stood at the lake shore and watched as the sun began it’s decent, the light beginning to fade as the colors of the day collapsed upon themselves creating a new palette of beauty.

Watching and photographing a sunset is always a magical thing.

On this particular evening as I observed the the scene unfolding before me I realized that I was missing a particularly unique show. 

In watching the vastness of the view before me I had missed some amazing changes in the small details around me.

Switching my focus and camera I began to document the amazing show happening in the water of the lake before me.

As the ripples danced across the lake surface each image was it’s own unique abstract piece of art.
Swiftly the sun dropped and the light show continued it’s changing patterns, I began to notice the fish were becoming more active during this transition.

An idea quickly formed in my head of an image I wanted to capture. 

Watching to see if I could find a pattern of movement in any of the surfacing fish I found one that seemed to be staying in a fairly tight area.

Positioning myself to attempt to capture the vibrant colors while hoping for the swiftness to adjust and catch the ripples he would cause upon his next rise to find dinner I waited patiently.

Though no more than a few seconds past it seemed like much longer.

I was not disappointed, what a wonderful way to end the day.
As you look at the vastness of that that is going on around you, do not forget to notice the small stuff, the little details.

For in them are the big things hidden.
Hope that you all are doing good during these interesting times we are living through.

I appreciate all the support you fine folks have given me as I give you a peak into my photography process through these field notes. 

If there is anything I can do to help you or your business don’t hesitate to send me an email and we can see what we can do.  

See you next week in the next edition of Ryan’s Field Notes.

Ryan McGehee

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