Ryan’s Field Notes #13 – An Office With a View

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Ryan’s Field Notes #13 – An Office With a View
Some days  my office consists of four walls, a well stocked book case, cluttered desk and LED lighting. 
Other days I am blessed to stand in front of snow covered peaks and ice cold streams.
I have over my life spent many (way too many) hours in the uninspiring confines of offices filled with bad lighting and dreary tasks.

I still have to spend time in front of the computer and do book work along with many soul sucking tasks to keep my businesses afloat, but there are times that help make up for that.

On days like this fine April day at 8,000ft, while standing beholding the snow covered peaks and watching the ice cold stream roll by, the built up stresses of a busy schedule seemed to fade away.

I have grown up around this beautiful country while spending my whole life here and I never tire of the grandness of the scenes I get to behold.

Not very many weeks ago the snow was higher and the river was frozen.  The roads were treacherous.

Now as the promising spring sun warms the hillsides the snow begins to transform and find it’s way into the soil and the flowing streams.

The transformation of this beautiful land is beginning again, before long there will be wildflowers with new bird hatchlings along with deer fawns and elk calves wandering these wild recesses.

The rivers are beginning to fill with the melting snow, taking the precious water down stream to those who live below. 

Fish are becoming active searching the surface for a tasty meal as they hope to feast after a long winter.

The long winter soon will be just a memory as the land will begin to spring to life.

Though grand at any time of year, watching these transitions in time among these majestic peaks has always had a profound impact on me.

I truly could handle these scenes being my office view always.
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I hope everybody is doing well during these crazy times. 

Let’s use these crazy times of transition to find a way to really bloom, just like the wild country does during the spring.

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