Ryan’s Field Notes #14 – A Time To Bloom

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Ryan’s Field Notes #14 – A Time To Bloom
Welcome back! 
It has been an interesting week here in the McGehee household, a lot of disruption, but there has been a lot of good during it.

We were blessed with our first grandchild and we are so thankful for the little miracle that she is. 

It is spring here in the valleys of western Colorado, made evident by the blooms on the abundant fruit trees in this rural community.
As the weather bobs back and forth between warmer days and quickly dips to cold nights, the days jump from windy and raining to sunny and warm, we know that spring is upon us.

A smile crosses my face when I begin to see the many fruit trees around the valley beginning to bloom with their delicate flowers.

I then begin to worry for those who raise these crops that all may have access to these delicious fruits.

The temperatures drop so quickly and drastically in this high country that it is a challenge for these farmers to not loose their crops to the bitter freezes.

This last week was one of those times when many spent feverish nights working hard to try and protect these delicate blooms from the bitter temperatures that threatened to wipe out the future fruits that we hope to enjoy this fall.

Some were lost, but some were saved.  Hopefully enough were saved for a good crop.
I look out today at a beautiful day and in my daughters apple tree I see the promise of future fruit.

The pink blooms are vibrant and full of life, spring is here.  With it comes a lightness of heart, a hope of the future.

There is lots of work to be done but as the sun warms my face it seems to fill the heart with promise.
The warmth of the spring sun penetrates deep within, it awakens something within my soul.

The memories of times past mingle with the hopes of days to come. 

And yet, the present moment of the sun upon my body filling my soul is enough.  It is enough.
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