Ryan’s Field Notes #15 – Looking Deep

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Ryan’s Field Notes #15 – Looking Deep
There you are!  How are you all doing?
I hope that everybody has been able to keep doing the things that you need to do during these unprecedented times.

I know it’s been a few weeks since my last Field Notes, I haven’t forgotten or abandoned you all.
Quite the opposite, I have been thinking about everybody a lot.

It has been interesting times for sure, I have been running like crazy providing some “essential services” during these times when most normal client type services have been shut down. 

It hasn’t left me much time to put together the newsletter.

It is good to be back to doing the Field Notes again, along with starting to get some shoots lined up for the near future. 

Do you like black and white?  I know I do. 
Today’s Field Notes showcases mostly black and white sun flowers.
Not a subject most people consider for black and white studies. 
Every year I thoroughly enjoy when my wife’s maxmillian sunflowers go into full bloom. 
And every year I try to come up with some unique images of them. 

Some years I have focused on images that showcased the vibrancy of the yellow. 
Other years my focus was on trying to get good captures of the honey bees as they collected pollen.

I have had years where I went to the more abstract in my captures.

The captures though that always draw me back, and cause me to get lost in their depth are some of my black and whites.

Not just any black and whites though, no, this series that I always come back to are very unique.

This series of images were taken at night.  Not when most people think of taking sunflower pictures.

And they were taken using a flashlight as a light source.  Not held steady though, but being moved around as the shutter was open.

As a paint brush of light painting in the highlights into this unique scene.
Though the technique is fairly simple it takes many attempts to get the look that I have in my mind.

I try time and time again to paint in the light just right, experimenting with different effects.
Trying different strokes and timing. 

The depth that the final resulting images have though are well worth the time and effort.

The below image here, I have printed on a canvas hanging in my living room.  I have spent untold amounts of time lost in it’s depth.

It pulls me in and keeps me there, my eyes and my mind wander.  In almost a hypnotic way I am able to find a calm within the image that is good for my inner reflections.
I find in trying times that having a place that you can allow your mind to go where it brings calm, but with it also depth and clarity, is a valuable thing. 

Why this image is the one that I am so easily drawn into, I don’t know.  Maybe someday it won’t have that same hold on me.

If not though, I hope it is because there is another piece that allows me to find a world to contemplate within it.
A few new images have been added to the website this week.
Take a look around and tell me what you think. 

If you have any upcoming projects where professional imagery could help set you apart contact me.
Now is the time to make your business shine above the competition. 
I appreciate each and every one of you. 

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to spend with me. 

I will catch up to you in the next edition.

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