Field Notes #16 – The Unexpected

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Summer is heating up here in our area, and life is crazy busy. 

For this edition of Ryan’s Field Notes we take a look back at a nature adventure from last fall.

In nature photography patience is key, and a quick eye to be able to adapt to changing situations.

I hope you enjoy this edition.
The eyes slowly opened, turning my head slightly I looked at the clock on the nightstand.

It was still dark outside but I had time to get dressed, grab my camera gear and head out to try to get some good mule deer buck pictures.
I had hopes of getting to an area that I usually see quite a few deer, right at sunrise.

As I made the turn off the highway pointing my truck up the hill towards the fields where I hoped to find some deer, the morning was starting to lighten up in the east.
Looking to the hills I noticed that there was a heavy fog sitting upon them.

This could be interesting I thought, not knowing what to expect.
I slowly began to explore some of the areas that have produced for me in the past, the fog was thick and I couldn’t see very far.

Passing and watching spot after spot I began to worry, there were no deer.
It is highly unusual for this area but so far all I had seen was a doe and a fawn and they were very spooked.

After a while I had to face the facts, this morning was a bust.
Of course not one to accept defeat I decided to explore a bit more and check out some other spots.

Of course I took some pictures of picturesque trees in the fog and an old building, I wasn’t going home empty handed but it wasn’t what I had hoped for.
That is one of the things of wildlife and nature photography though, you must be patient and willing to have days that nothing works out in order to sometimes be where they do work out.

Turning a corner in the road I see something that catches my eye, it wasn’t what I was after but at this point I definitely wasn’t going to be picky.
I guess it was worth getting up early on this morning after all .

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