Ryan’s Field Notes #17 – Dragonfly

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Ryan’s Field Notes #17 – Dragonfly
Hope this edition finds you all well.  I know myself, the ongoing challenges of current life is really dragging me down. 

I hope you are holding up mentally and physically to the interesting times we find our selves in. 

Needing a break from everyday life the family and I took a quick afternoon trip up to a small fishing pond about an hour away from the house. 

Lately I haven’t been getting away up into the wonderful mountains but we knew it was a much needed escape.

It was a wonderful still afternoon (there has been so much wind here lately so that was very refreshing). 

We set up all of the fishing poles and the family had a nice relaxed afternoon of fishing.  It was great.

After fishing for a while I pulled out the camera to capture something unique.

I watched the dragonflies playing across the top of the water for a while and chose them as today’s subject.

What good nature/wildlife photographer doesn’t have at least a few cool images of dragonflies, right?  🙂

Their brilliant metallic coloring and unique bodies are so intriguing.
Dragonfly on an aquatic grass just barely above the water
western Colorado
They were mesmerizing to watch as they zipped around just inches above the water.

Occasionally landing on the aquatic grasses they would perch for a moment and they fly off again in pursuit of their prey (they eat a lot of mosquitos).
It ended up being a pretty good day.  Lot’s of fish, wonderful family time and the beauties of nature.

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Thanks for checking in with us on this edition of Field Notes.  See you next time.

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