Ryan’s Field Notes #18 – Old Cars – New Beginnings

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Ryan’s Field Notes #18 – Old Cars – New Beginnings
I’m back…hopefully not in a creepy way.  Haha
I know it’s been way to long since my last chat with you all. 
Trust me it wasn’t you it’s me.

As I know you all are aware, life has an interesting way of throwing us curve balls and I wasn’t ready for a fast curve ball.
I was looking more for a slow lob and didn’t get it.

I took on a different business which got my family through the interesting times of Covid lock-downs and businesses being shuttered since it was a business that was considered an essential business.
The impact that the change in these times had on the photography industry was devastating to many and I really wasn’t sure myself how to proceed.
Looking back there definitely was a path for me to move forward in the industry but as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

With my other service business I was very busy, that mixed with very little photography happening for me and I didn’t know how to proceed with this newsletter.

Yeah, I’m human and fell into the age old response of since I didn’t know what to do I did nothing. 
It wasn’t an acceptable response and I realize that now.

The good news is that I am back hitting the photography/media business hard and things are looking up. 
We have figured out how we can work with people and companies to meet their needs and concerns during these times. 
The need for powerful images for businesses has never been stronger as companies are finding that they truly need to stand out from their competition. 
Imaging solutions are business solutions.

I am renewing my conversations through this newsletter with you fine people, what is not to love about that. 
For today’s Field Notes journey we are taking a little walk to downtown Delta, CO

An old vacant lot in this little town, a long time resident of the community has purchased it.
After getting approval from the city he has begun displaying a portion of his vast collection of old classic vehicles.

These cars and trucks are in various stages of neglect but their strong lines and the spirit of their years are still intact.

After spending too many hours on this day catching up on book work I noticed that the clouds were giving me the lighting I had been waiting for to do this shoot.

This project had been in my mind for a couple of months and I knew now was the time to execute on it.

I wasn’t disappointed. 
2021 Calendars are now available.
If it’s been a while since you have checked out our website take a quick look.
I have added a few more prints to the art prints section and at the top of the homepage there is a link to take you to our new calendars that we are offering for 2021.

Check them out, hopefully there will be some there that you like.
Thanks for hanging out with me today. 
I promise that it won’t be as long between Field Notes the next time.
If you have somebody that you think would be interested in what I share here or needs some imaging/media needs for their large or small business share the newsletter with them.

I appreciate all of the referrals I get.

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