Ryan’s Field Notes -Colorado High Country in the Fall

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Ryan’s Field Notes -Colorado High Country in the Fall
Howdy friends,  hope you all are doing spectacular.

Fall has fell past us and we are rushing upon the cold winter months at an alarming rate. 
I wanted to take a quick look back at those amazing fall colors we had during the short color season we had here in Western Colorado.
It didn’t seem to last very long but while it lasted the colors were vibrant in some areas. 
I had some really good luck finding the gold in ‘dem dar hills on the Grand Mesa and above Ridgway this year.
Opportunity didn’t allow for me to try very many other areas this busy year. 
This year was very difficult to find days where a smokey haze didn’t cover everything. 
With wild fires burning in our state and states to the west of us it created a lot of challenges for peoples health along with really hindering in getting the types of images I like to capture during this vibrant time of year.

We were blessed with a couple of days that allowed for some blue skies that I was thankful for.
Any day spent in the Colorado aspens is a day well spent.  I never tire of these picturesque trees and their ever quaking leaves.
Especially when they are so colorful.

It was a much needed reprieve.
The leaves have all fallen and the colorful autumn is now past.
It was enjoyable while it lasted. 
Now to start planning for some fun winter shoots.
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It’s hard for me to believe that next week is Thanksgiving.  In ways the year has seemed to drag in other ways it has gone too fast. 
Time is interesting that way.

I have a handful of projects in the works that I am hopeful to have done by years end, it is coming up on us fast though. 
I am going to have to kick up the pace to accomplish everything. 

How about you, do you have some ambitious plans for the coming months? 
I would love to hear about them.
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Thanks for checking out my field notes.  Hope you all have a great day.  Stay happy and healthy.

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