Ryan’s Field Notes #20 – Thankfulness

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Ryan’s Field Notes #20 – Thankfulness
Hi gang,
I know that today and this week your inbox has probably been flooded with “thankful” emails that are in reality trying to sell you something. 
The odds of my email today actually being seen in the barrage of marketing being sent out this week is slim. 
It’s cliche to do a Thanksgiving post and to post picture of food and to write what I’m thankful for.  Oh well.

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be cliche (but I am not going to try and sell you anything in this).

Today I have much to reflect upon.  Taking time to reflect is something I should do more of.
As I reflect, the amount of things that come to mind to be thankful of doesn’t stop. 
I take for granted so much of my life.  Even the challenges that I have faced in life have many of them been blessings in disguise.

Health, family, friends…all of these things that we might say are a given to be thankful for are not a given for many. 
I am very thankful for these.  For the ability to breath clean air and see beauty everywhere,  it is a gift.

Of course I can’t list everything that I am and should be thankful for, I would be typing for the rest of my life trying to compile the list.

One thing I consider today is that as I start to go down the rabbit hole of thinking of my life and the things to be thankful for the brain also begins to throw in my face the regrets…the areas in life where I (in my perception) failed.
I also feel guilty as I think of those who are suffering greatly in this time. 
Is this wrong then, am I broken.  No.  That is the mind.
I consider the times that I have been in a state of despair and sadness and realized the only reason I could grieve the way I did was because of the happy times I had experienced before.
And I was thankful for those happy times.

Not trying to throw a damper on what for many is such a beautiful time.  It truly should be.
It is a beautiful time for me as I consider the many blessings and we prepare for the day to be spent with family and eating the bounty of some of that we have been blessed with.

I didn’t this year get any pictures of the preparations or the finished meal.  So I am sharing some images from Thanksgivings past. 
I look at these older images and realize that I really need to update my Thanksgiving images portfolio. 
It is always a fun thing for me when I do work on images of the beautiful dishes the family cooks produce, I just don’t like being in their way though.
They work so hard and do such a wonderful job. 

I am always so intrigued by the textures and colors of the food that is prepared. 
The little details, in everything around us is something that intrigues me and puts me in awe.
I am thankful for that,  even that. 

I consider how that in the bible unthankful is listed right next to unholy, I wonder if I truly understand how to be thankful. 
It is something that I hope I can be better at in life.  Practicing thankfulness is something that not just today but everyday is something I pray can become just a part of who I am. 

What are you thankful for? 
What challenges that you faced have been blessings in disguise?
What loses that you have had made you to realize the beauty of the times before?
What little things make you aware of the beauty of life around you?

May your day be one of joy and rejoicing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my somewhat disjointed thoughts.  I do appreciate it. 

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