Ryan’s Field Notes #28 – After a snow, Needlerock

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Ryan’s Field Notes #28 – After a snow, Needlerock
January is moving on full steam ahead.
We are almost through the month, 1/12th of the year is almost over.
I hope it is treating you good so far.

Here on the western slope of Colorado we have been short on our average snow fall for the year.
It has been looking worrisome for the future of this years water.
This week we did get a pretty good storm in the mountains so hopefully that will help.
I was able to go take a drive and capture some wonderful landscape images one evening up by Crawford, CO after one of these snow storms.

There is an area called Needlerock that I had been wanting to get some winter images of so I headed that way.
It was a bit of a challenge, as the light was shifting swiftly, to capture the images I hoped for.
There wasn’t as much snow as I anticipated around Needlerock but the fresh snow on the mountains surrounding it still gave a nice contrast.
Landscape photography is challenging in that you may have a very specific idea of what you want, but you don’t get to place your order with mother nature.
Working to various vantage points, I watched the clouds to the West as they shifted.
The sun lowering in the sky at a rapid rate I realized that I didn’t have much time.
Even though sunset was a little while away the clouds and the terrain to the west were not going to cooperate.

I found the spot I wanted and began testing my shots.  Finding the look I wanted I shot a few variations.
As the light filtered through the ever changing clouds I was able to finally catch Needlerock highlighted by the sunlight.
It didn’t last for long.
It was worth the drive, I was pleased with what I captured.
One of the challenges I face though as a photographer, is once I have an image recorded, deciding on how to present the finished image.
Some images it’s easy for me to decide on how to process, and then there are others like this one, where I struggle deciding if I like the color version or the black and white version the best. 
Decisions, decisions.

The light dropped behind a distant hill and I knew my image capturing of this location was done. 
Of course there is always more to see and I kept the camera handy as I headed to my next location.
In this rural back country I wasn’t disappointed. 
I am always a sucker for a good barn shot. 

Hard to be disappointed with evening drives in western Colorado.
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We will see you next month.
Hope your week is everything you need it to be.

Ryan McGehee

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