Ryan’s Field Notes #29 – Winter on the Grand Mesa, Colorado

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Ryan’s Field Notes #29 – Winter on the Grand Mesa, Colorado
Hello friends.

It is easy during the winter months to get bogged down with the drudgery of cold winter days, gray and bland.  If a person isn’t careful it can effect your mood.
During these times I like to take trips up on the Grand Mesa and look in wonder at the magnificence that winter brings to this land.

I think how many times the things that can be the most miserable or dangerous make some of the best pictures. 
Cold snowy days, if one is unprepared, can be a miserable thing to be caught in  but the contrast against those majestic spruce trees is inspiring.
While up on these high mountains the weather can change quickly.  You can go from beautiful clouds and sunny sky brightly bouncing off the blanket of snow to grey and snowing in a matter of minutes some times. 
The above image and below image was taken on the same day a couple of years ago during a trip on the Grand Mesa.
Unique detail shots are everywhere if one looks.  The boughs holding the snow after a snow storm has always been an interesting sight to me. 
They look so fragile to hold the weight of the snow.
I find I am never disappointed if I take the time to spend in these majestic mountains no matter what time of year it is.
The winter though always holds a special spot for me in these dramatic and enchanting landscapes. 
Oh, the stories that could be told.  The events these trees have seen. 
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We have made it through January and are blasting into February full force.
Hope that your year is doing good so far. 
Thanks for hanging out with me today.  We will see you in the next edition.

Ryan McGehee

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