Ryan’s Field Notes #34 – Taking the Dirt Road

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Ryan’s Field Notes #34 – Taking the Dirt Road
Howdy Gang,
Hope the day is treating you well. 

After last week’s newsletter, I considered how easy it is to give advice to others, that I rarely take to myself. 
I did give examples last week of when I had applied my advice to myself and the outcome, but the reality is that there have been far more times that I have failed to apply my own advice to the one who
can speak it the loudest, myself.

I don’t have it all figured out, that is a fact.
Like all of you, I am still making my way daily through the maze of life. 
Hopeful that I am getting some of it right.

It was a beautiful day, with hints of spring in the air. 
I grabbed the camera gear and climbed into the truck.

Heading out of town I found a dirt road that I hadn’t taken in a while.
Traveling the dirt road the unique landscape of the high desert captivated me.
Yes, the road less traveled is a road worth traveling.
Arriving at the rim of the canyon I walked to the edge.
This land is an ancient land.
Standing on the edge, the spring wind blowing against me, I looked out across the miles of winding canyons.
Looking into the vastness of the land I considered that I have looked across these amazing canyons many times, as has my dad and his dad before me.
We may have stood in the same place but at different periods in time; we looked across at the same awesomeness of creation.
Time stands still in these vast canyons.

I have walked these high desert plateaus and seen where the ancients have walked before me, chips of flint at my feet where one sat and crafted a stone tool.
In these canyons are rocks where hundreds if not a thousand years ago stories were drawn upon them that still can be seen of those who trod these harsh lands.
To these rocks I am nobody.  They have seen generations come and go.
My children now climb upon them exploring their secrets.
Hopefully, their children will too look in wonder across this majestic land and feel the connection that I feel to it.

This is the country that I know, it is a part of me. 
Some say it is desolate, they do not know it.
It is a land that can’t be explained, only felt. 
It is a land where time stands still and waits.
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