You have a home that you are ready to list and are ready to book us for the quality images you need for your listing.

Please review these below items to make sure that the photoshoot goes as smoothly as possible and gives your listing the best possible results.

  • Clean up/clear out outside clutter
  • Make sure your driveway is clear, if possible, the listings look their best if there are no vehicles in the images.
  • Landscaping refresh, do any trimming, raking, mowing etc possible before the scheduled shoot.
  • Find a temporary location for your pets and their supplies, working around roaming pets makes for a very challenging session, and quite possibly could ruin the whole appointment.
  • Clean the whole house. You want it looking it’s best for the images. We can’t and won’t photoshop out clutter etc.
  • Remove items from counter tops etc. Future buyers don’t need to know what brand of lotion you use or what color your hair brush is. Clear the spaces of personal items makes for a better viewing experience.
  • The above two items means the bathrooms too, tidy them up too please.
  • Take out the trash, we will try to not include trash cans in images but it occasionally happens, best if your garbage isn’t fodder for the internet.
  • Remove any possibly offensive decor, no sense in turning off any potential buyers if it can be helped.
  • When possible clean windows and open all of the shades and blinds, we recognize that some situations this isn’t the best option. But when in doubt do these things, if we see that a room would be better with the shades drawn we can do that at the time of the session.
  • Make sure lighting is in good working order, replace bulbs if necessary etc. The homes look their best when we can showcase their lighting as well.
  • If you are needing somewhere to store the clutter etc from the yard and home cleaning the garage may be your best bet. Let us know if that is the location that you are storing the clutter and we can work around that as the garage is usually the least photographed area of the home.
  • Have everybody be somewhere else (not in the home or property), working around people in creating the best images for the home is time consuming and in some cases can make the images unusable for your MLS. I have in the past had instances where a room was set up for taking an image and someone had walked through and turned off a light that I was relying on for the final effect. This wasn’t noticed until I had the images up on the computer, it was to late to do anything about it. Other times people have walked into the scene as the shutter was clicked.
  • If aerial imagery is being done alerting the neighbors that a real estate drone session will be taking place and to not worry as it will only be concentrating on the listing property can go a long ways in neighborhood relations along with giving you an opportunity to make contact with others in the neighborhood and get your name out.