March 25, 2024

Where is the Finish Line - Spoiler: there is none

How do you know when you have made it?

It was the end of the last day of the arts and crafts festival. Traffic to my photography booth had slowed, so I decided to take a walk through the other vendor booths and see what cool things they had available.

Weaving my way through the maze of beautiful and unique worlds I was astounded at the amount of talent these crafts people had. Beautiful work.

And then my heart dropped a little. Looking at the booth coming up I realized why some of the “potential “ customers I thought I had never returned.

Another nature photographer whose work was phenomenal.  Stunning work that transported you to another world. It made my work look like a beginners work.

Of course I stopped and visited with the artist. He was an amazing person as well and we had a good visit.

Still, I walked away feeling a little dejected. How could I compete with that.

That was around two decades ago.

I realized that I had a lot of work to do if I was going to make it as a photographer, especially in the art world.

Over the years anytime I would start thinking that maybe I was figuring this whole photography thing out I would come across someone who was leaps and bounds ahead of me.  

One day it hit me, I was looking for a finish line. I was under the false impression that someday I would know when I had achieved top photographer status.

I was wrong.  There is no finish line.

There will always be more to learn, someone better, more art to create.

And for that I love the craft.

Now I embrace it.  The journey will never end.

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