March 25, 2024

After the Job - Views from my "office"

“How long have you lived here?”
”I was born here. Never could see any good reason to leave”

And that is the truth of the matter.  I have had that exact conversation many times in my life and my answer never changes.  
Western Colorado is where I call home, it is a part of me. A part I don’t want to lose.

I feel blessed to abide in this rugged but beautiful country.  I don’t mind these views as I travel from job to job or as I sit out on my deck and even those times that we travel out into the “rocks” to do some exploring in the high desert.

Sometimes the work I do for my clients takes me into magnificent corners of this spectacular world.
On this rotation around the clouded sun, I was doing photography and video work for a new client.

Having wrapped up the shoot, I started the truck down the driveway and was greeted with the above view.
A dusting of snow on the dirt road ahead had created amazing contrast on an already spectacular scene.
Moments later after a couple of clicks I was on the move.

Of course, further down the highway, I had to stop again.

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